Art in progress. Inside out

The pavilion in the garden of the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg has the name “Art in progress,” and puts the artist at work on display. For the project “Art in progress. Inside out” I spent three days inside the pavilion, drawing the image of the landscape visible outside the glass windows. A camera recorded the gaze from inside, looking out and projecting this image onto the paper. In this structure, the camera becomes the eye of the artist. Visitors were invited to observe me working through the window. Those who came close were captured on camera and projected onto the paper I was drawing on. So everyone who came to watch the artist at work was depicted on paper.

In this work I consciously choose to put my body on display, susceptible to the gaze and expectations of the viewers. But are the people who visit consumers?

When the workplace becomes open to the public and is called the artwork, it cannot be seen as merely a place where the artist produces works. However, will the person coming to see the artwork realize that s/he is the object of observation? Could art initiate a situation where prejudice is not possible, where members of the audience become viewers rather than consumers?