Чужа історія/Somebody else's (hi)story

Відео інсталяція/Video installation

Somebody else’s (hi)story is a record of a monologue of Nakonechna’s grandmother. Authentic family stories from the woman’s life are in fact combined into one single tale made out of a number of small episodes. The story could go on without an ending. Being used to grandmother’s talking, at some point the family stopped listening to the contents of her stories and started treating the sounds produced by her like regular TV noise present somewhere in the background. The work shows how impossible it is to explain and truly comprehend the reality by the means of TV coverage, in what way we perceive the information presented by the media and how it affects our picture of the world.      

Тривалість відео 59’02’’
Duration of video 59’02’’

Стоп кадри 
/Stills from