Вигляд експозиції: Eigen+Art Lab, Berlin
/Installation view: Eigen+Art Lab, Berlin


Appropriated phrases (aus: Brecht, Bertolt: „Der gute Mensch von Sezuan: Parabelstück“)

installation with 5 projections, pencil drawing on the wall, size variable

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Photo: Uwe Walter, Berlin

The viewer himself becomes a disturbing factor when following the logical way through the

corridor of the exhibition space, manipulating, distorting and covering up the picture on the

wall. The picture, in this case, consists of quotes out of Brecht’s parable-play The Good

Person of Szechwan, a montage of two completely contrary narrative threads – the ulterior

world of the Gods and the banal everyday life in a village in Szechwan.

Brecht quotes stand as visual objects in the empty space, they only exist through the light

of the projector and are destroyed by every viewer who faces them – and thereby

alienated from their original sense. Only the speeches of the protagonists stay on the wall

when projection shielded, as they are covered by pencil. Following the Brechtian

Verfremdungseffekt I use estrangement to interrupt the familiar image, to destroy an  

illusion, and to draw the attention away from the story told but towards the observation of

the means of telling and constructing it.


The phrases projected (the bold parts are the projected phrases covered by pencil):


SUN, ironically: What do you hope to hear?


THE OLD MAN: We`d better go.

They wander wearily on.


Enter the unemployed man.

THE UNEMPLOYED MAN: We`re not missing much.

They wait.



THE POLICEMAN: That is a great pity.


They swiftly disappear.

 Constructing the new landscape 

series of the pencil drawings on inkjet print, video

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Photo: Uwe Walter, Berlin Like an image interference on the website that takes too long to load, one image slides over the first. But neither the context of the individual scenes or the faces of the neither protagonists become fully evident, nor do the images reveal their original location. Upper parts images are from English and French 19th –century Romanticism paintings. A second image cuts in from the bottom, parts the naturalistic scene in two with a hard horizontal line and overlaps with the distant background. Instead, the bottom body halves of uniformed policemen and protesters become visible, barrels and clenched fists, banned on the sheet of paper by countless pencil lines, the meticulous work of days and weeks.


installation, pencil drawing on the wall, size variable 

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Photo: Uwe Walter, Berlin
The visitor is transformed from being a passive spectator into forming a part of the image himself. While the images were previously composed of scenes of protests and riots taken from the media, overlaid by naturalistic views of nature in the work Constructing the new landscape, the full image is now only partially predetermined by the room-sized wall Incomplete drawing on the top half and ceiling and completed on the bottom by the person of the viewer and his position within the space. Instead of simply trying to activate the viewer to think about the figures in the work and he gets involved in the work by becoming part of it and directly affects its outcome.

більше фотографій експозиції/more images of the exposition


Constructing the new landscape 1-11, 2012

pencil drawing on inkjet print, sheet: 80 x 100 cm, image: 49,5 x 70 cm

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Photo: Uwe Walter, Berlin

Constructing the new landscape (video), 2012

DVD, 5 min, loop

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________courtesy the artist and Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin

Was shown on:

THE SCHOOL OF KYIV. Leipzig class. Seminar: Politics of Form

As part of the 2. Kyiv Biennial

GfZK Leipzig, 2015-16

Invited groups and artists include: Anatoliy Belov/ Oksana Kazmina (Kiew) Yael Davids (Amsterdam), Till Gathmann (Berlin), Heike Hennig (Leipzig), Zhanna Kadyrova (Kiew), Open Group (Lviv/Ushgorod), Serhiy Popov (Kiew), Johannes Porsch (Wien), Mykola Ridnyi (Charkiv), Anna Zvyagintseva (Kiew)

Curated by Hedwig Saxenhuber, Georg Schöllhammer and Franciska Zólyom


Walk the Line. Neue Wege der Zeichnung
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, 2015