4 showcases, cast gypsum, perspex

photo: Tomasz Pawłowski

Flags is a series of artworks, the basis for which is the cast from the stone (I have found it in historical site), so it can be the object of a memory and history.
There are the casts of this stone in the showcases with color glass around having the colors of the flags (German, Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuania, Poland, 
Ireland and so on). Extracted thing loses its authenticity or finding the new one thanks to the mode of representation.The stone here becomes the symbol. 
As well as the colors of the glass of showcases, which endow sense to the meaningless stone (that could be the foundation for every state).
Another line of this series of artworks with showcases is the museum discourse that needs the artefact to tell the story. Here we may speak not only about the 
historical museum, but about any museum where objects play an additional role to their existence as merely things. They become an evidence for the discourse, 
memory, history building but open for the interpretations.