Long term project, from 2010

Paper, pencil, working time,

64х46 each drawing

I began this project, which dates from 2010, in Switzerland. During my residence in Zurich I noticed that some artists in neighboring studios worked mainly until six o’clock in the evening and that they were rarely to be seen at weekends. This gave me the idea of trying myself in the role of the hired employee with a working day. For a week I came to the studio at eight in the morning, spent a standard working day on a landscape picture with a half-hour lunch brake, and than went home to rest.

Later I did a week’s work on the same principle in Ukraine, except that there I worked on Ukrainian landscapes. I am now continuing the project in other countries.

Each resulting work is a document of one day in my life.

These are the prices they can be sold for. A consumer who has to choose between two potential purchases, which have no potential differences, will opt for the cheaper. So the location of the worker is now decisive in determining the payment for his labour and this fact is used to good effect by international corporations.

However my interest lies in the sphere of art.

The landscapes are painted from a photograph using a projector and are executed, so far as possible, without emotion, mechanically, and not as a result of inspiration by the place that is depicted. Elements in the pictures are repeated. These pictures could be perceived as a record of the time and labour of an unseen operative, hidden behind the form – result, just as the personal destinies of producers are hidden behind any created product. But the Cards project mainly problematizes valuation of the work of the artist, and the work of artist nowadays as such.