Персональний щит/Personal shield


Робота за мотивом побаченого у центрі Цюриху паркану/
The form for this object was taken from the small fence have found by me in the center of Zurich

"Personal shield is an object the archetype of which was noticed by the artist during her stay in Switzerland. It is a small fence erected between buildings in order to separate the access to the space between them. It was turned into a mobile object for personal use, a personal shield, which makes it possible to set borderlines between its user and his or her environment. The work was prepared for the artist’s exhibition in Switzerland, made relatively cheaper in Ukraine and transported by the artists over the Schengen border as hand luggage" Marianna Dobkowska

"A personal shield is a tool of self-defense, an instrument which helps to sustain a personal "safety zone". Referring to the familiar elements of an urban landscape, Lada Nakonechna reinterprets the emblematic attributes of war as an everyday sign of social life. A desire to isolate from other people's problems and needs, which goes along with everyday struggle for personal comfort, is materialized in her functional work revealing its hidden bellicosity" Lesia Kulchynska
Вигляд експозиції: Фундація BINZ39, Цюрих, Швейцарія                          
/Installation view: Stiftung BINZ39, Zurich, Switzerland                                      
Доступний для використання/

available for viewers to use


Exhibition and publication history:

2 Stories - 3 Worlds
Stiftung BINZ39, Zurich, Switzerland, 2011
personal exhibition together with Ivan Bazak 

Curator: Marianna Dobkowska
The Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle
Warsaw, Poland, 2012
personal exhibition

State of things
Toulouse Art Festival
Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse, France
, 2014
personal exhibition

Українське тіло
Центр візуальної культури НаУКМА, Київ, 2012

Lest The Two Seas Meet
Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland, 2015

The Site Magazine. Volume 35: Borders