Вигляд експозиції: Тулуза, Франція
/Installation view: Toulouse, France

Before entering the next space, a small room adjacent to the main room reveals a metal enclosure occupying nearly the whole area. Here the visitor has three options: to stay on the threshold of the space, to enter it and, in doing so, to pass through the gate put there for that purpose, or to move it, the enclosed space being set on rollers, in order to squeeze between it and the surrounding walls. Given the installation`s position in the room, whose area almost completely coincides with, these different options do not lead to major differences. However, the visitor is asked to make a choice, and is unaware at the moment of doing so what exactly its effect will be. Symbolically, it is a matter of action and engagement, of the responsibility that goes with a more or less conscious decision, and of the space of freedom or constraint and the positioning (inside or outside, with or without, for or against) that result.

Jérôme Dupeyrat, 2014