War in ukraine


Lada Nakonechna fixes frequently used phrases for description of a current political situation in Ukraine showing how the language structures reflect the political position of those who speak and reveal their mode of thinking. A change of preposition sometimes changes the whole sense of a phrase. Each picture seems to propose a triple translation of the same expression, but with every new switch the meaning profoundly alters.

Hybrid War
Hybrider Krieg/Гібридна війна

War in Ukraine
Krieg in der Ukraine/Війна в Україні

Russian-Ukrainian War
Russisch-Ukrainischer Krieg/Російсько-українська війна

Bleistift auf Papier, Druck auf Karton, Vitrinenrahmen

30 x 20 cm, gerahmt: 45 x 33 x 5 cm