Lada Nakonechna is an artists who lives and works in Kyiv.  
In her works, Nakonechna uses various artistic means, 
such as drawings, photographs, installations, and performances.

She is co-editor of, the journal for literature, art and politics, 
and is a member of the curatorial and activist union Hudrada. 
Since 2012 she is curator of the Course of Art – an independent educational program in Kyiv and is co-founder of the Method Fund.

Since 2005 Nakonechna is a member of the R.E.P. (Revolutionary 
Experimental Space) group, an artists' collective interested in the process of community building and in shaping a generation of engaged Ukrainian artists.
She has participated in numerous international and Ukrainian exhibitions 
including exhibitions at the National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv, 2012), 
CSW Zamek Ujazdowsky (Warsaw, Poland,  2012), Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw, 2015), Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (Leipzig, Germany, 2015), Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (2015, Germany), Kunsthalltrondheim 
(Norway, 2015), Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (Croatia, 2018), Palais PopulaireBerlin (Germany, 2018)